Posted by: Bruce Allen | September 29, 2007

Dear Daninannapolis–

Dear Mr. BruAl:

If Michael Vick invented dogfighting, how did the phrase: “I have no dog in this fight” originate beforehand?                                            From Daninannapolis

Dear Dan—-

Notice how in our salutation we use the casual, almost intimate double dash, whereas you use the stiff, more formal Republican colon.  We took the liberty of capitalizing the A, as is our wont. 

We believe you are suggesting that the phrase arose prior to the invention of the “sport”.  This is not entirely clear, in that your “beforehand” is kind of dangling out there in space.   (BTW, we never use complete real names in this space for fear of successful litigation.)  We do not know how long the phrase itself has been around, but we do detect some suspicious and possibly reactionary undertones in the question. Has the press made it seem like your Mr. Vick invented anything?  Is the press  to blame for this debacle?  Moreover, there is a syntax glitch in the quote itself.

Michael Vick actually came up with the cliche, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”.  Billy Kilmer was the guy who originated your “no dog in this fight” line.  Milt Plum said, “I got no size in this dog”.  Y.A. Tittle once exclaimed, “My dog sized the fight.”  And Johnny U. himself left us with, “you dogfight with size, you got no dog.”  We hope you now have a clearer understanding of the situation regarding Michael Vick.  And did you hear about the dyslexic agnostic insomniac?  He lies awake at night wondering if there IS a Dog.

We would have enjoyed your question a lot more had it been punctuated as follows:  If Michael Vick invented dogfighting, how did the phrase:  “I have no dog in this fight” originate?  Beforehand?  This is evocative of dad’s Who’s that coming in?  The door?  Mr. BruAl would appreciate it if you would clean up your sentence structure, ‘specially with you bein’ a lawyer an’ all. All you folks who agree with Dan that his boy Michael Vick is getting a raw deal, please raise your hand.  At least he didn’t kill 6 or 8 people!  Just dogs.



  1. Dear Mr. BruAl,

    “Notice how in our salutation we use the casual, almost intimate double dash, whereas you use the stiff, more formal Republican colon.” Infra, 9/29/07.

    Speaking of conservative colons, my question regards colonoscopies. But first, I apologize for taking so long to crawl over your blog. As you can imagine I am a very busy man. Between myspace and friendster, I barely have time to keep up with facebook or blogspot.

    Having undergone several colonoscopies myself, I have had the opportunity to discuss my colonoscopy experiences with colonoscopy veterans from various demographics. Several noteworthy observations arise from these discussions. I would like to focus on one of those here.

    In contrast to my own cohort, which seems to be very reserved about this topic, baby-boomers seem almost enthusiastically forthcoming about their colonoscopy experiences. This contrast is especially dramatic in the context of the preparatory measures required for most colonoscopies.

    In your opinion, does this generational divide in willingness to divulge the intimate and potentially discomforting details of an intrusive medical procedure merely reflect an increased sense of self-awareness among the middle-aged? Or, is there a more penetrating social phenomenon at work here? I realize the open-endedness of this query. But, my intention is to leave you free to probe this chasm and pass your nuggets.

    Thank you in advance for your thoughtful response,
    KC Boyle

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