Posted by: Bruce Allen | May 9, 2008

I Promise, Sony, Never Again to Buy One of Your Products

Memory Stick ProSony DSC P-73 CameraSony 32\

Y’know, Sony, you lost the BetaMax/VHS thing despite having the superior technology. Two of my kids used to work for you, and neither has much of anything good to say about your company. Management was out of touch and the places were sloppily run. But I screwed up. I got a great deal on a Sony HDTV through the one kid, and was very happy with it. I chose it because it would accept the Sony Memory Stick, and I got another good deal on a Sony DSC P73 to complete the loop. Camera, media, TV–we had it all. Great stuff was in store–slide shows of the family, the grandkids, vacations.

From there the story goes downhill.

First, I purchased a new gee whiz 512 MB Sony Memory Stick for the camera, which works fine. However, the TV wouldn’t read the new Memory Stick. Hunh? I went on with my life, beginning to think dark thoughts about Sony Corporation.

Recently, in advance of a cruise to Alaska to see what’s left of the glaciers, I somewhat reluctantly purchased a Sony telephoto lens for the camera. I soon discovered that the new lens wouldn’t fit on the camera without an adapter ring that Sony no longer makes, stocks, or has any idea where to find. The camera thus cannot be fitted with a larger lens, rendering it capable of mediocre images only. These mediocre images, in turn, may not be viewed on my TV without cables, a pain in the neck, rendering the Memory Stick slot, the original selling feature, useless.

What do I do? Send back the lens, and go on with my life of bad pictures and small, PC-bound images? Keep the lens, trash the camera, and buy a new Sony camera and adapter ring? Unlikely. Return the lens, trash the TV AND the camera, and start over?

They’ve got me over a barrel, but I am prepared to submit. I surrender. I am giving up the fight to support the Sony brand. I promise, as long as I live, never to purchase another Sony product. Ever. I promise to tell everyone I know to avoid their products at all costs, in that the obsolescence built into their products shows up immediately, not waiting until the product starts to wear out. That their customer support consists of a bunch of knowing clucks and sympathetic sighs. And yet they keep on grinding out TVs and cameras and lenses and all the while masking the fact that one cannot be used with another, destroying Sony’s delusion of seamless interaction between products supported by great customer service.

What a crock.

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