Posted by: Bruce Allen | November 22, 2017

Snippet: ACA Dismemberment

© Snippets by Bruce Allen

The Republicans and the Individual Mandate. Headline:

Murkowski caves

Photo courtesy Huffington Post

Lisa Murkowski Says She’s OK With Killing The Health Insurance Mandate
Projections suggest millions will lose coverage; the Alaska senator says she simply wants to allow choice.                                            

The argument being thrown around is mis-framed. The Individual Mandate controversy needs to be broken down into two groups–those who can’t afford it (but may desperately want it), and those who can but who choose not to purchase health insurance. It’s this second group to whom the Republicans are appealing, and the reason it’s so maddening and hypocritical is because the sentence itself has been truncated. The sentence should read: “… and those who can but who choose not to purchase health insurance, preferring instead to stick emergency rooms and hospitals with unpaid bills that ultimately get paid by taxpayers, one way or another.”

The miscreants who once thought of themselves as the party of Rugged Individualists are now basing their health plan on the following proposition: “Say, pal, would you rather have healthcare that YOU have to pay for, or healthcare that SOMEBODY ELSE has to pay for that’s free to you?  Oh, and, by the way, our plan will save you even more money by stiffing those poor schmucks that can’t afford insurance. When the bills come due and the Federal deficit expands, we’ll just blame Obama. Don’t be a sucker. What’ll it be?”

I refuse not to be offended by this type of politics.



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