Posted by: Bruce Allen | January 8, 2018

A Letter To Sen. John Cornyn

dropdeadI am mailing hard copies of the following letter to senators Cornyn and Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and The Sad Bloated Carrot. We old hippies love the Futile Symbolic Gesture. Any reader wishing to cut and paste pieces of it in a letter to their own senators and representatives is welcome to do so.

Carmel, Indiana 46033
January 8, 2018

The Hon. Senator John Cornyn
517 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear John—

You attended Rock Creek Palisades elementary school in Kensington, Maryland in the early 1960’s for a year or two. We were classmates. My old friend Don Kaiser remembers enjoying your “friendship, good nature, and common sense.” He tells a story about your father returning from a WWII German POW camp saying that Wonder Bread tasted like cake after so long eating rough black bread in captivity. I remember you as having a squeaky laugh and not knowing exactly how to ride a two-wheeled bike. But I digress.

Since we left Kensington, I picked up an honors degree in economics and a free ride to Michigan State University for a masters in environmental policy. I know a little more than nothing about what I’m fixing to share with you.

As a lifelong yellow dog Democrat (my mom was born and raised in Ft. Worth), I know that you, and many of your colleagues on the majority side of the aisle, are not unaware that the President is on an unsustainable path. Your party’s leadership—sorry, including you so far—has been unwilling or unable to “encourage” him to temper his outbursts, for the sake of the country. Many in your party stand accused of enabling his authoritarian impulses through sins of omission. He has policy moods, not policy positions. There seems to be a great fear of Trump’s “deplorables” among the usually-lucid moderate wing of your party. These politicians need a leader. As the #2 Republican in the Senate, I’m writing in the hope that you will rise to the occasion and become that leader.

I remember Warren Magnuson, Edward Brooke, Mac Mathias, Charles Percy, Richard Lugar and many other Republicans from those grade school days, loyal party members who would NEVER have considered falling in line with Mr. Trump. These were statesmen, not just politicians. To borrow from Peter, Paul & Mary, Where Have All the Statesmen Gone?

Here’s what I don’t get. How can anyone who calls himself a loyal Republican stand up, look the other way, and allow Donald Trump to eviscerate the party of Abraham Lincoln? If he were still a Democrat and spent his time stomping on the legacy of Franklin Roosevelt, I believe a majority of Democrats would already be beavering away at getting him out of the White House, either via the 25th amendment, impeachment, or tied to a gurney. Yet you and your colleagues seem to stand by and watch, embarrassed, rooted to the ground, unwilling, unable or lacking the political courage to stand up and say, “Enough. Cease and desist, or become the second President in 50 years to be forced to resign.” Or, in Trump’s case, the first to go to the mattresses and barricade himself in the White House, tweeting his way to oblivion.

Don Kaiser believes you love your country; I share his belief, but don’t hold it as strongly as he does. He thinks letters like this will have some effect on your leadership. I told him I expect an off-subject form letter in response, if anything at all.

It’s now 2018, and it looks like the midterms are going to be a disastrous for your party. Your majority in the Senate couldn’t be any thinner. Your feckless colleague Mr. Cruz might be in trouble—I would loudly applaud that—and the Dems are going to take over the House. It’s going to be a mad scramble for governors, mayors and state legislatures. Needless to say, the political landscape promises to be substantially altered by this time next year. Should the SCOTUS strike down gerrymandering, the Democrats, despite themselves, shall rise again.

The majority of Republicans—the ones who don’t use their Social Security checks to purchase sun bonnets for their race horses—will have seen, by November, that their paychecks have only grown at the margin while the benefits accruing to corporations and wealthy donor-types will be measured in tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. They will gradually arrive at the conclusion that Mr. Trump doesn’t really give a rip about them or anyone else, for that matter. They will see more and more of the Trumpistas getting indicted and making deals, lighting even more of a fire under the lunatic in the White House. And anything resembling a shooting war on the Korean peninsula or the South China Sea will be lethal for your party and perhaps the entire globe.

Time and time again, more and more in recent years, we elitists have watched congressional Republicans choose party over country. Healthcare and “tax reform” are but the latest examples. A great many Republicans, I believe, go to bed worried about what Trump might do tomorrow, after having spent the day asleep at the wheel, oblivious to what he might have done just today.

Neither party appears overly concerned about the existential threat to the planet in the way of climate change. You have read history and know that once-great civilizations fall; leaders like Trump almost always pave the way. Athens and Rome are now simply tourist destinations, not the hubs of civilization they once were. There’s no obvious reason why Washington, D.C. could not join them. Not today and not tomorrow, but within the lifetimes of your own grandchildren and mine. The Great Migration from the American Southwest, including Texas, to Canada in search of drinking water and relief from the summer heat will not begin until later in this century.

On behalf of your classmates from grade school and Americans across the country, please do not stand aside and allow Donald Trump, whom history will regard as an obscenely bad joke, to gut this country. Most of the damage he has done, with the complicity of your party, can be un-done, although it may take decades. You are in a position to exercise a particularly American virtue—political courage—and save us, our national reputation as the land of the free and the home of the brave, and our children’s futures, by drawing a line in the sand and organizing resistance inside the Republican Party. Doing so may run counter to your own political interests, but it will help you greatly if and when we all stand before God and explain why he shouldn’t consign us to the pit.

Please deliver us from the worst President ever. The whole world’s watching.

Very truly yours,

Bruce Allen

cc: Don Kaiser
The Hon. Charles Schumer
The Hon. Nancy Pelosi
Donald J. Trump

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