Posted by: Bruce Allen | January 16, 2018

You Can’t Change the Mind of One Whose Salary Depends on Maintaining His Belief

As we watch the budget bill, government shutdown and DACA circling the bowl, we must acknowledge the futility of trying to convince congressional Republicans to grow a pair and do the right thing. These guys, and the lobbyists who finance their viability, are paid to NOT believe in climate change, are paid to NOT support immigration reform, are paid to NOT reform healthcare and the treatment of health insurers, and are paid NOT to lose the tax windfall accruing to their employers via “tax reform.”

Of the many ironies inbred in this conversation, the one that gets me occurs when the party that effectively controls all three branches of government (including both houses of congress) blames the minority party for any or all of the above. The fact is that Democrats have maintained a fairly consistent historical dogma in these areas, using both tax and debt to support expansionary government fiscal policy, to protect the national credit rating and the bond markets by NEVER defaulting on the deficit, and supporting the intent of DACA, to provide a better life for people who had no choice but to grow up in the U.S. and who are as woven into American culture as you or I.

Unlike most congressional Republicans, who find it necessary to get in line and get behind ideas once considered anathema to party pillars–fighting free trade; fighting against states’ rights, noticeably state policies concerning cannabis; fighting stability in bond and money markets, etc. Being forced to support this buffoon and his regressive tax policies and stolen supreme court nominee and gruesome healthcare bill. His bombast and bluster, his profanity, his retrograde notions of leadership and power. His recklessness with North Korea and most of the free world. His crudity, his generally rough, tactless, and emotionally-vacant demeanor.

Despite his best efforts, Trump still has thousands of government employees and contractors working “for him” who loathe him as a pyramid-head boss and as a person. Employees who must implement his policies/moods. People who, with 15 or 20 years in working for the “good” guys are not above a little “malicious obedience” when it comes to direction from the new nitwits upstairs.

The true targets of today’s headline is the Maginot Line of the president’s defense, Republicans in the House and Senate. It is these people whoa give the president political cover whenever his true colors shine through. It is these people who have chosen to believe that the president’s approval ratings cannot be glued to them, which, of course, is stupid and wrong. Who believe they can dump Trump in June when it becomes obvious the Democrats have assembled a tsunami of liberals, women, people of color, people with student loans, people who have lost health care, and people connected in any way to Puerto Rico.

People whose hatred of being governed by Republicans is reaching a crescendo. People whose fire will be stoked by indictments to come from Robert Mueller. People who are going to work tirelessly to get more people like themselves registered and prepared to vote on election day in November 2018. Joined by people who may have voted for Trump in 2016 but are disgusted by his pronouncements and provocations, his amateurish behavior as America’s point man. A sad, bloated carrot of a man who sits in bed, gorging on junk food, watching cable TV news, in a lather, angry at the world.

The only people left to protect him from leaders in both parties are people who are paid to protect him, either politically or policy-wise. Many of them are doing so reluctantly, looking for new jobs, preparing to bail out as soon as possible, having completed their year with the circus. Eight Republican committee chairman, who have accumulated power over decades, have recently resigned rather than face a brutal campaign from both sides in the fall. Their staffers, numbering in the dozens, will no longer be paid to think in a specific way.

In mid-January of 2018, the midterms are shaping up as a rout. How cool is that?

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