Posted by: Bruce Allen | August 15, 2018

Mueller: The People Have Spoken

© Bruce Allen       August 15, 2018


Even though the reasons for it are diametrically opposed, events in the Russia investigation have coalesced along with public opinion on the right and on the left. There is, today, a bi-partisan consensus that the results of the Russia investigation be made public prior to November 6. This is big.

Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election probably has 99% of what he wants in order to proceed, and has for awhile. After well over a year with the best attorneys and investigators on the planet and an unlimited budget Mueller has plenty. Zillions of pages of records. Scads of recordings and taps. Testimony from immunized witnesses. Offshore and oligarch bank stuff. And the goods on Russia, the reason for the ongoing blackmailing of Trump by Putin: undeniable evidence that Trump’s win in 2016 was facilitated by the Russians, mostly through social media.

Conventional wisdom, until recently, held that once Mueller was within, say, a 60-day window, he would hold off delivering a report or further indictments until after the midterms, in order to avoid being accused of trying to influence the outcome with an “October surprise.”

You know, like the one Jim Comey delivered in 2016 that changed history.

Instead, by a wide margin among Republicans, Democrats and Independents, some 70% of Americans want Mueller to deliver BEFORE the election, thereby requesting him, through their elected representatives, to expose felonious behavior amongst the Trumpistas, including the family, in time to have a discernible impact on the midterm elections.

Mueller must be thrilled. There will be nothing to prevent him from continuing his investigation into 2019; he can deliver an Interim Report in October, per his upcoming direction from the House and the Senate who are, it seems, intent upon throwing the Special Counsel into the briar patch. He will then be in a position to request additional time, after the House has flipped, to continue his investigation to its conclusion. Were it the Clintons, that would be about seven years.

I want to watch Mueller go ahead and hang a subpoena on the President. Indict Don Jr., Jared, Ivanka, Stone, Cohen, Miller, et al. This kind of timing is known as “malicious obedience,” an art form practiced by the passive aggressive. This is Mueller saying, in effect, “Look. I would have been happy to wait until December to deliver these conclusions, but both the House and the Senate were very clear in demanding that our team deliver prior to November. I argued against it at the time. I lost the argument.”

It’s being mid-August, the Republicans already appear to be on their way to losing the House. This is before Mueller buries the world in subpoenas and indictments. All of these mutts running for Congress and Senate who have shamelessly hitched their wagons to Trump will have yet another front to defend, this one making hash of the entire “witch hunt” facade.

This has never been a witch hunt; these things rarely are. Everything that Trump has said about the investigation, since it started, has been a lie. Over 70% of Americans want to hear about these lies prior to voting for representatives and senators in November.

August recess. September. October. Election. 60 days to take the House and, if at all possible, the Senate. 60 days during which Mueller is going to drop his bomb, Cohen is going to sing, Manafort is going to get convicted at least once, and even Fox News won’t be able to cover it up. It’s going to happen. The days of the Trump administration are drawing to a close. The world needs to prepare for Mike Pence.


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