Posted by: Bruce Allen | November 30, 2018

Mueller May Have Snared the President

© Bruce Allen


If Robert Mueller is as smart as everyone says, and I believe them, then there is a scenario building this week which will eventually prove it.

I am referring to the written answers the president provided the Special Counsel, the “discovery” that Paul Manafort has been lying for awhile, and the rescission of Manafort’s plea bargain agreement. The key element in all of this is the “discovery” that a member of Manafort’s legal team had been communicating with Trump’s legal team for some time, allowing Trump to know what is coming at him.

I believe Mueller and his team have been aware for some time that Manafort has been lying and that he had established a back channel to the White House. If so, they would have used it to feed bad information to Trump’s team. In meetings with Manafort’s attorneys, Mueller and his team allowed themselves to be sold the idea that discussions of the Trump Tower Moscow had terminated in January 2016, when they held, concealed, written evidence that those discussions continued well into 2016 and perhaps even past the Inauguration.

Manafort’s attorney, in a good faith gesture of bad faith, assures Trump’s attorneys that Mueller believes the January 2016 date, and they use it in the answer to the written question from Mueller. Michael Cohen slithers into a federal courthouse on Thursday and confesses he had lied to Congress on this matter, stating the discussions, about a Moscow tower Trump seriously wanted, continued into the summer at least. After which Trump became the nominee, changed, with Manafort’s help, the GOP platform regarding Russia, won the election with what appears to be Russian assistance, and ultimately became Putin’s bitch.

Trump reacted strongly to Cohen’s assertions, all of which have extensive documentation sitting in one of Mueller’s hard drives, accusing him of being a weak liar, knowing that Mueller has evidence that he had perjured himself in answering the written questions. Yet Mueller doggedly continues interviewing conspirators, adding to the findings, piling on, in his view, to a charge he thinks he can beat down under a waterfall of lies. I expect him to claim that the answers to the questions, which he claimed to have written BY HIMSELF, were, in fact, written by the attorneys and he had no knowledge that they had committed perjury on his behalf. Or something equally fatuous.

Off in the dark distance, a dog howls. Donald Trump sits in the White House, brooding, about to be held to account for something for the first time in his life, angry about it. So unfair. Mueller and his snakes lied to him–which they are permitted to do by law–and caught him in a perjury trap, just as he had feared. It’s the attorneys’ fault. I was simply running my business while I was running for president (as if that’s okay). Bravo to the member of Mueller’s team who deduced, early on, that Manafort was continuing to commit felonies while pretending to cooperate, and that information about what the prosecutors knew and wanted to prove was getting back to Trump. Once they had secretly figured that out, the trap was easily set. And nothing leaks from Mueller’s office. Secrets are secret.

This is all idle speculation. Whether it has anything to do with reality should become apparent in the next few months.


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