Posted by: Bruce Allen | January 26, 2019

The $5.8 billion DACA solution

© Bruce Allen

The President, Il Douche, and the Congress now have three weeks to hammer out a border protection agreement. This is a task comparable to working a compromise between the irresistible force and the immovable object. The Dems, per a compelling Jennifer Rubin column several weeks ago, have an opportunity staring them in the face. Do they, and the Repugs starting to distance themselves from Himself, surrender, giving 45 his $5.8 billion for border security?

Sort of, given the headlines bound to appear on Fox. The final actual payment will be considerably less as future Congresses brush it away. But the opportunity is for the Dems to demand full citizenship for Dreamers. The whole enchilada is the only item that will free up the $5.8 billion. To be complete in, say, three years.

Think about it. All Trump really cares about at this moment is a bunch of headlines telling the world he beat the Dems and won his $5.8 billion for the wall. Having been de-pantsed by Nancy Pelosi, he needs this “signature win” to reinforce his credibility with his base. His potential willingness to trade the Full Monty for Dreamers, to their foaming outrage, is witness to his poor negotiating skills, his willingness to “follow his gut,” and seems well within his reach.

The Dems embrace the Dreamers, and will be joined by enough lucid Republicans who recognize the party to be in a demographic death spiral and are sick of the whole immigration policy arguments dominating events. Give Trump his “wall,” give the Dreamers their tickets, let the Dems know they owe them one, and move on to something else. Republicans are going to have to learn how not to give a rip about how The Base feels about them, because The Base is making like Alka Seltzer before our very eyes. Wait til they connect the dots and see headlines reading, “U.S. Pays $5.8 Billion to Legalize Illegal Aliens.”

The three week delay put the Coulters and Limbaughs of the right in a twist. Imagine the twist if Trump negotiates away the “path to citizenship,” which they loathe above all things. Imagine how not surprised most folks would be to hear that Il Douche had foolishly traded something of value for something worthless; at best, $5.8 billion toward a barrier that will never be completed, whose final costs, ten or twenty years out, would easily top $100 billion. Future Congresses are not going to appropriate $100 billion for a wall.

The art of the deal.

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