Posted by: Bruce Allen | February 11, 2019

It’s Way Past Time for a Woman President

© Bruce Allen

Margaret Colson in WaPo guest editorial  

Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.) on Capitol Hill in September 2018. (Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

Colson’s great column explaining the logic of electing a woman provides a compelling picture of the additional burdens women face running for office that men do not. For those of us married for at least twenty years, with kids, nothing could be more obvious. No longer beholden to men who had physical strength or financial control, it became obvious to us husbands that our wives are more organized, more strategic, much more capable of multi-tasking, and basically just smarter than their corresponding husbands. Us. One assumes this advantage carries over into the workplace. It is only a vast male conspiracy, alive and well for centuries, that has made a woman candidate’s job impossible.

In the memorable words of Clouseau, “Not anymore.”

Mothers who work outside the home, most especially single moms are, collectively, the Ninth Wonder of the World. The US Marines of modern-day living, they get more done by 8 am than husbands would by 8 pm, the men drifting off to sleep in their chairs, surrounded by piles of dirty laundry begging to be washed, sorted, folded and put away, skills most husbands lack. The good husbands will devote the scores of hours it will take to learn how to do this one simple thing–laundry–their wives do in their sleep. The bad ones will ask their wife to hold their beer. As to the other 19 tasks moms routinely handle, each would have its own learning curve.

There was a woman in church on Sunday with six daughters–boom boom boom boom boom boom–like a xylophone, who managed to get everyone through communion before the wheels fell off of the youngest, at which point mom swooshed them out of the sanctuary and spent the next ten minutes with coats, seat belts and car seats, a task that would have taken a husband most of an hour. Assuming any chance, as dads, of having even made it through the homily, should we learn how? Or do we allow our inner economist to rail on about efficiency, about how the spouse most competent in a given task should naturally do it, which would have the advantage of being true about pretty much everything other than watching sports and drinking beer.

Who organizes the details around going to the pool or vacation or throwing a party or, God forbid, a wedding? Who takes care of most or all of the “kin work,” hours spent on the phone commiserating and keeping up? Who arranges and executes the life calendars for everyone living under the roof while most husbands are simply trying to stay out of the line of fire? Who can look after three or four kids for six hours without a trip to Dairy Queen or, worse yet, the ER?

Women. When it comes to business and politics it is no different. Most men are lazy, vain and greedy. As evidenced by Speaker Pelosi’s clapback to Trump at the SOTU, she is fully capable of running circles around the president and simultaneously building support amongst her caucus. Were she 58 instead of 78 she could easily run for and win the presidency. She seems very happy where she is. And her caucus is, suddenly, full of women. They will become a force to be reckoned with.

Here we are in 2019 AD and men, collectively, have made no substantial effort to deal with the existential crisis that is climate change. The only chance we have, as a planet, is to start electing women committed to the science of saving us from ourselves and showing the rest of the world how it’s done. Everything else–immigration, the economy, judicial reform, everything–is simply re-arranging the deck chairs on The Titanic. Women, who instinctively make better stewards, are going to have to save the world.

The next big issues to dominate headlines will be a no-deal Brexit and the economic, political and social unrest it will set off in England but also throughout the EU. Ripple effects will likely wash up on American shores, roiling markets and bolstering the dollar. Recession in England would be guaranteed; recession in the US would become a real possibility in 2020.

A number of men have, or will, stake their own claims to the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. It says here they are all working from something of a built-in deficit. The top woman who survives the primary season is likely to have a number of genetic advantages over the top man, as evidenced above. Granted, in politics, the best man doesn’t always win, as it were. But 2020, bolstered by heightened political activity among women, appears to be the year where the idea of a woman as president enjoys the greatest possibility yet of its being realized.


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