Posted by: Bruce Allen | March 5, 2019

HJC Must Not Become McCarthy Act II

© Bruce Allen

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee

Jerry Nadler, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee

Rep. Jerry Nadler and his House Judiciary Committee, knives out, have sent a bunch of “any and all” letters to 80-some people for information pertaining to the President. Nadler has papered the world, requesting duplicate documents already requested by other committees which, in a setup like the US House of Representatives, is almost unavoidable. These are not 80 subpoenas, and will be de-duped by White House attorneys on their way to claiming executive privilege for what remains. Lawsuits resisting the subsequent subpoenas will emerge, but executive privilege doesn’t cut it as it relates to the commission of felonies. Such suits take time. Trump is just buying time.

The Dems’ apparent strategy—Political Death of a Thousand Cuts—is to keep a constant stream of damaging testimony coming at the White House for the next year, tainting both Trump and his protectors in both houses of congress. While it will only harden the hearts of those intellectual and moral impermeables, voters who have swallowed Trump hook, line and sinker, it will have a corrosive effect upon enough others overall to put congressional Republicans, lapdogs all, in Goldwater-style jeopardy come 2020. Dems will have to remind critics that all of this is because of the two-year backlog they inherited from House Republicans and they’re just playing catch-up. Wink wink. Nod nod.

Somehow, the strategies of Il Douche and Nadler have coalesced, via different paths. Trump wishes to put off the inevitable—resignation, disgrace, indictments—as long as possible, stretching things out, playing for time, in complete disregard of the problems he will be causing amongst his supporters. Nadler’s Dems will “just be trying to get to the bottom of things” until, that is, they serve papers on Ivanka. At that point, as they say, s**t will be on. Like Donkey Kong. No more Mr. Nice Guy tweeting his brains out. The gloves will come off, New York-style.

CNN and Fox could start selling subscriptions.

I have believed for awhile that the eventual political demise of Donald Trump via resignation will come as a result of potential indictments of his children corroborated by documents and/or other testimony. I suspect Alan Weisselberg will be watched closely by Robert Mueller in the event he starts pleading the 5th, as will other witnesses called by the committee. And if not Mueller than a U.S. Attorney somewhere, or the Attorney General of New York, etc. Once they turn Weisselberg I think The Trump Organization will be exposed as an ongoing criminal enterprise laundering money through Deutsche Bank for Russian oligarchs. The Trump Administration will exposed as having been put in office by the $25 million social media campaign orchestrated by Vladimir Putin with polling information provided by Paul Manafort. The Trump Inauguration Committee will be exposed as having made a bundle from foreign contributors. And on and on and on.

Imagine 1975. Imagine that somehow, some way, perhaps through the complicity of the U.S. Senate and/or House, perhaps the Supreme Court—whatever—Richard Nixon, in utter survival mode, headed the Republican ticket in the 1976 election. Imagine the carnage that would have consumed the Republicans. This, I suspect, is what is facing congressional Republicans in 2020. Add to the political havoc the likelihood of an economic recession commencing sometime between now and then. Imagine the Democrats, somehow, coming up with an electable candidate and managing to unite behind her. Now, imagine running her against an embattled Dick Nixon—cornered, wounded, doomed.

2020 could relegate the McGovern landslide back to second place. It could split the Republican party in half, the liberal side and the Dems able, after some practice, to find common ground on issues while the Trumpians and Penceians bray about anything and everything, making no effort to expand their base. Evangelicals and old white guys with high school degrees or less, ranting about socialism. Terrified by poor old Central American women and the fear of falling off the edge of the Earth.


Joe McCarthy, Chairman of the House Un-American Activities Committee

Nadler’s main concern as I see it is to avoid being cast as the second coming of Joe McCarthy, attacking a belief system and its practitioners. Where in the 1950s it was communists and revolutionaries, today it is Trumpists, sycophants, nut jobs—paging Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka—enablers, co-conspirators, minions, anyone tainted by the whiff of Trump. Instead of being blacklisted, many will be facing jail time. Nadler must remember how the public eventually wearied of the parade and (justifiably) turned on McCarthy. Nadler needs to color scrupulously between the lines.

At some point in the foreseeable future we are going to see the results of the Mueller investigation, whether by publication by the Justice Department, Congress or a leaker; the report will see the light of day at some point. The fallout from this report comes before any of the above, setting the stage for the endgame, in which Trump agrees to resign in exchange for the dropping of all federal criminal charges against himself and any of his kids. He would still be exposed to state charges—dozens of them—but would not have to deal with any of his kids going to a federal pen. Pence would serve out the remainder of Trump’s term on the condition that he promise to get trounced in the general election in 2020.

The Senate will fall into Democratic hands. The Dems will approach a supermajority in the House. And one of the 30 or 40 people currently running for the Democratic nomination will be elected President, serving the Republican Party with the electoral punishment they so richly deserve, enabling and coddling this morally and intellectually vacant bully for four years. Let ‘em take a dozen years of irrelevance to repent, see how that feels. McConnell and the Invertebrates. Mitch brought the devil to the dance. At some point, he, too, will have to dance with him.

As my old friend Bobby Berkdale always said, “Cheaters never prosper.” Justice, one feels, will ultimately be served. Democrats and independents must be patient and scrupulous. And the most patient and scrupulous of all must be Jerry Nadler.

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